Website Design and Computer Technology

The Web
Web Design is a natural adjunct of telecommunications and Mr. Reekie has designed and written his share of web sites for a variety of businesses. He professes as do many, that today’s society demands to know your web address, no matter what your business is. Web sites are as necessary and common as business cards were years ago. The wonderful advantage is you don’t have to hand out each and every one.
Computer Technology
Mr. Reekie’s propensity for science and the use of his left hemisphere enabled him to develop a strong data science knowledge base. He has participated in closed-door “think-tanks” where envisioning the future direction of technology is the norm. Prior to the origin of the personal computer, he and a friend built their own working computer in the basement, versus the garage like Steve Jobs of Apple. They say location is everything. However Mr. Reekie has been involved with computers and programming from the beginning. He was one of the first to write film budgeting software and was a pioneer in modern day telecommunications.