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Circle of Sin
circleofsinThe Nazi’s developed Fusion power in World War II and would have devastated the Allies, if not for William Reed’s courageous operation as a British spy. Now, he’s dead, but his son, Gordon discovers hidden documentation of his work while sifting through old family albums, in his Chicago home. What he uncovers becomes a nightmare of conflict and intrigue. The pursuit leads to London where Gordon infiltrates the War Ministry files and discovers even more secrets……..

Mutti’s Gold Tooth
MuttiThe story of Yosef Rosenbaum and his young brother David, as they escape Germany in World War II and make an existence for themselves in America. With their parents sent to concentration camps, their house ransacked of all its valuables, their family art looted and their sister choosing a life of survival in Germany, the two young boys have the world against them.

Blood Brothers’ Honor
Blood Brothers' HonorAmerican boyhood friends, now grown, re-unite over the skies of Russia in a deadly dogfight against each other – one is smuggling uranium, the other pledged to stop him, and a beautiful Russian woman stands in the middle.

House Money
House MoneyWhen three women decide to have their twenty-year high school reunion in Las Vegas, the casinos are in for a beating. A modern “Oceans Eleven” with smart, amusing and sometimes quirky female leads sets the tone. This is a fun, smart, con-within-a-con story, but each of our principal characters has issues of her own which are drawn out. Tears fall, resolutions are found. But in the end, are anyone’s tears for real? Or are we being conned by the best?

On the Edge of Time
teslaAn electrifying drama based on the life of Nikola Tesla, one of the world’s most prolific inventors. His obsessions denied him a normal life style, especially when it came to women. His premonitions and predictions were mind-boggling. What is perhaps most amazing, is that upon his death, his private papers were confiscated and sealed by the government. This story takes us to the edge, where humanity may be at stake. Tesla’s “death ray” is reality.

speakeasyChicago 1924 – the height of Prohibition, when life roared with passion and bullets ruled the streets. From high society to blue-collar worker, bootlegged alcohol made criminals of them all. They ran to the gin-joints in droves, consumed life and foot-stepped to the likes of Louis Armstrong and a young kid from Harlem named, Duke Ellington. It was a time with no end in sight, a time for a man and a woman from different sides of the tracks to find each other, a time to “Speak Easy”.

Chiller’s Bones
Chiller's Bones30,000 people a year in the United States simply vanish.
When Joshua Chiller’s wife disappeared without a trace, he decided to give up the hi-tech city life and become a simple farmer in the most remote Midwestern town he could find. We find him plowing a field, when he inadvertently unearths a human skeleton. He discovers the DNA of the skull and the rest of the body match, except the skull is 400 years older. Impossible. 30,000 people a year in the United States simply vanish – or do they?

Kingdom of the Spiders II – Currently Optioned
Spiders IISomewhere in New Mexico, there is a quiet, peaceful town about to be cast into chaos. A place where irresponsible experiments with nature cross the threshold of ancient Indian sanctity and set loose an army of tarantulas. An army whose sole purpose is revenge.

Lyon’s Den
Lyons DenA substance called, Red Mercury is being manufactured into the catalyst for creating atomic bombs the size of grapefruits and there is only one group in the world that has the ability and daring to counter such potential devastation – Lyon’s Den.
Can Lyon’s Den stop the smuggling of Red Mercury out of a remote area of Russia? Where is the final destination – Ireland? Libya?

Echoes of the Dead
Echoes of the DeadSet in rural Ireland, an American family inherits a mansion and decides to try living the “gentry life.” Their 11-year-old son, Jason, has other plans, but he can’t help it – he’s possessed by his dead great-aunt and keeps conversation with a young girl who, as she describes it, is “un-dead.”

Quest For Revenge
Quest for RevengeAn intelligent, beautiful young lawyer returns home from graduation to find her father, a respected Judge, dead. It quickly becomes evident to Samantha that he was murdered, but a cover up draws a confusing line between the law and justice. Samantha seeks revenge and finds it in the most unlikely place.

Rattle The Cage
Rattle The CageLife ain’t so sane for a Chicago artist named William — A story of bizarre events crossing the line of what makes sense and beyond. William’s life is as easy to understand as a strand of DNA. His relationship with Cleo, the hooker, Gordon, his estranged boyhood friend, and Mrs. Everton, the rich, society nymphomaniac are only temporary yard-sticks when it comes to traveling society’s road.

Aces & Eights
Aces & EightsThe true story of Wild Bill Hickok — his rise and fall, and untimely death at the card tables in Deadwood City. This is based on actual facts. There’s no glamor, just hot lead, cold women and plenty of dirt.

The Brimstone Code
Brimstone CodeIn 1242 A.D., the secret formula for gunpowder was put into a code. The man who wrote it was a radical Friar named, Roger Bacon. This is his story — his struggle with knowledge that should be kept secret, the church’s power and his fight for the people. A medieval James Bond, with daring escapes and chases against time.

The Lost Tour Group of the Boulder Dam
The Lost Tour Group of the Boulder DamAn earthquake strikes the Hoover Dam, just as a small group is descending in an elevator to tour the inner workings. They get trapped on a level that was sealed off when the dam was built, only to discover a “man” who has been there since 1935. This is the amazing story of their survival and escape from the world’s largest tomb…. but someone besides the giant spiders is against them…..

Dreamland AREA 51Dreamland or Area 51 is a government base that officially doesn’t exist, but in fact, is located in Nevada just North of Las Vegas. There are a lot of good guesses of what goes on there, what with the public’s fascination with UFO’s, E.T.’s and government cover-ups. The truth is, the public has no idea what really happens out there in the desert. As farfetched as this story may sound, there is sufficient private data to form a convincing theory of why we should be as concerned as hell about it. Look what’s about to happen to Matt Cutler……

Cutter - Howard ReekieA series based on a American salvage operator working out of Australia. DAVIE CUTTER is an Ex-Navy Seal with special training in Underwater Demolition. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, raised in the tupelo swamps, he has a Creole slant to his character, very pragmatic and rough around the edges, but loves to play the banjo. While Cutter runs his own small marine salvage operation, at times he is asked to do “special assignments” for the U.S. Government. He is a one-man operation, except for an Aussie sidekick, Nubbly Peters who has caffeine for blood and a pet shark named “Scooter”. They go for all sorts of diving adventures, treasure hunting, save the reefs type action, surrounded by Aussie Beauties, especially Marla, the owner of the local bar called Grubber’s.

The Jukebox Man
An LA Club musician finds his Hispanic roots, when he and his slightly-crazed Anglo partner go South for a low paying gig in Mexico. Great music built into this picture, mixed with eerie Aztec mysteries and a beautiful archeologist, give tremendous depth and color. Be Sure to check out The Jukebox Man in person at:

Hedon’s Realm
Hedon's RealmThis is what happens to runaways who come to Hollywood, blinded by the stars in their eyes. A rich health spa in the desert serves as a perfect front for the horrors that go on below the surface.

In the spirit of James Fennimore Cooper, this adventure of the early pioneering West focuses on the struggle between Indian tribes and the kidnapping of the chief’s son’s bride. The unusual twist is that the chief is a white man. His son, half Indian – half white, must fight for his own acceptance within the tribe, as well as the warriors against his tribe. It takes monumental courage to survive, when the whole world seems to be against you.

Citrus Soup
An obtuse comedy about a hash-slinger from Storm Lake, Iowa who travels into Beverly Hills’ high society and becomes a gourmet sensation in spite of himself. It’s not all peaches and cream.

Tomb of the Sun
The tomb of Ramses II’s royal children has been discovered. This poses a huge problem for the Vatican. A Cardinal who has researched the labyrinthed library that exists deep in the inner sanctums of Rome, knows this tomb is not just a burial chamber as it seems to appear. He has a tome containing the actual 3200 year-old papyri “blue prints”. He knows how deeply mankind will be affected if the excavation proceeds… something he cannot allow.