Mr. Reekie has written copy for product labels, packaging, brochures and instruction manuals in a variety of industries. The samples below demonstrate both short and long form copy.

Caption Copy




Long Form Copy

A Tradition of Exceptional Quality
Named in honor of the famous buccaneer who sailed the Caribbean and discovered the finest rums in the world. Barrows’ Grand Reserve and Barrows’ Hors d’Age are produced in Trinidad, the homeport to one of the finest rum distilleries in the world. Both rums are aged in traditional oak casks and exhibit extraordinary smoothness, richness, and exceptional character. These exquisite rums are a reflection of the rich heritage born out of the lush tropical climate, the vibrant steel drums and calypso music, and the commitment to quality that are a part of Trinidad’s rich culture.

A History of Masterful Blending
Barrows’ Grand Reserve and Barrow’s Hors d’Age are imported and bottled by Bishop Imports, continuing the tradition that was originally founded by a distillery in a small town by the Orinoco River in Venezuela. In 1875, they moved to Trinidad, the very heart of Caribbean-produced spirits. Following decades of research in fermentation and distillation these rums are masterfully blended and are recognized today for their world-class quality. Barrows’ superiority is achieved through exacting methods, beginning with the harvesting of the sugar cane at precisely the right age, through the distillation process and final aging.

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Brochure Romance Copy

The year is 55 BC. Julius Caesar is about to set sail and conquer the world. While his ships are moored in Stabia, a quiet harbor nestled in the Bay of Naples, his men attend to their first priority – fresh water for the long arduous journey ahead of them.. Healthy, pure, mineral water. Water that would keep them strong.

Water that would maintain its freshness and remain pure.

The Water of Sailors – the Water of Castellammare Di Stabia. Eighteen hundred years later the name would change to Acqua della Madonna, but nothing would changed the incredible quality and properties of this almost miraculous elixir. Stories of its health and beauty benefits, its curative properties, the finest source of calcium and magnesium minerals spread throughout the world. The spring continues to run today, as it has for over twenty centuries. Acqua della Madonna is extracted from the depths of Faito Mountain with utmost care and reverence. The source is examined daily to ensure its quality remains pristine. Acqua della Madonna is pure, with natural carbonation added.

Acqua della Madonna was the choice of emperors, dignitaries and popes for centuries. Let it be the choice for you today.

Brochure Technical Copy

Mixing ethanol with diesel to reduce emissions has been attempted for the last several years, though unsuccessfully. The problem was the intermediate chemistry (micro-emulsion) proved terribly inefficient, because the mixture had to be heated and blended in steps – an expensive process. The resulting milky-white fuel was also subject to separation at lower temperatures, such as those found in winter driving conditions. The challenge also called for a co-solvent, allowing diesel and ethanol to blend in solution. The result was a clear, oxygenated diesel fuel able to be “splash-blended” at the terminal (eliminating the expensive heating and pre-mix steps), operable in cold temperatures without separating, and capable of significantly reducing exhaust emissions.

Bahamian Juice Bar Menu
Bill of Fare Copy

Girlie Curl
Pink Lemonade and freshly pureed Cantalope Melon are blended
into a frosted girlie glass. Not nearly as naughty as it could be.

Rasta Raspberry Sip
As a slow dollup of thick malted raspberry reggaes its way into
your heart, your rhythmic mind will expand on the aura cast deep
within de belly of mon…. uhuh.

Hey, It’s a Lassie!
Barley Green, carrots and a squeeze of orange pay homage to
regularity and a quenched thirst of the mind.