Mr. Reekie has written numerous screenplays under his own name and literary pen name.  He is also known as a “script doctor” for other Hollywood writers who will remain anonymous by confidentiality contract. More than likely you have heard his words at sometime or another on the silver screen or television tube.
Budgeting and Scheduling
Mr. Reekie has produced and directed for over 18 years and is knowledgeable in every element related to film, television or commerical production. With his international work and global contacts, he is an expert in budgeting and scheduling projects for both domestic and international production.
Technical Experience
The only production crew position Mr. Reekie has not worked in his years in the business, is Make-up and Hair. That includes underwater – where he has even tested underwater lighting equipment and the characteristics of color absorbtion in salt and fresh water. Having worked at one time as an engineer at the original Bell & Howell in Chicago, responsible for critical testing of motion picture cameras, Mr. Reekie knows first-hand the mechanics behind the business. He also worked as a sound effects designer and editor.