About Howard

Howard Reekie

Born: Glasgow, Scotland. Current nationality – British & Canadian, with Permanent U.S. Residency.

Education – Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, Illinois, followed by a Masters program in Data Communications after moving to California.

Writer – Screenplays

Howard has written numerous screenplays under his own name. He is also known as a “script doctor” for other Hollywood writers who will remain anonymous by confidentiality contract. More than likely you have heard his words at sometime or another on the silver screen or television tube.

Writer – Packaging
Motion Picture Packaging – Full Budget Breakdown, Cash Flow, Scheduling and Marketing packages for many feature projects, such as, “A Stone’s Throw”, “Tonight At Eleven”, “The Dream Merchant”, “Gunfire Reef”, “System of Justice”, “Sean”, “The Gossamer Alliance”. With an additional background in Advertising and Marketing, Howard created full presentation design and packaging of industry proposals. The diversity of which range from “Puranol for Ethanol-Diesel Blends” and “Oxygenated Diesel” for the Pure Energy Corporation, to The Sparsa Corporation’s – “The History of Sake”, “SuperIce – The Ice that Never Melts”, Toto Kiki’s “Super Antibacterial Tile – P-TOF Technology” and GlobalMusic4 Life’s business plan for introduction of music to the U.S. Educational system for youth health education. He has also produced numerous merchandising and new product development packages, from concept to product sales, trade, advertising and magazine layouts and articles.

Designer – Websites
Having been involved with computer system design and Office Automation think-tanks since the early beginnings, Howard began creating and designing websites from the onset of HTML. He currently creates websites in CMS, WordPress and HTML5/ CSS3, dependent upon how the client’s site is targeted. Being Fully Responsive is a must!

Commercials, Infomercials, music videos, live entertainment, and corporate presentations. Mr. Reekie has written, produced, and directed numerous projects both in the domestic United States and Internationally, with a Clio and four Telly Awards to his credit. He was one of the first to design and write a computerized budgeting program specifically for the film industry and is well known for a strict budget control/ quality balance.

Partial Client List:
BBC, New York-London
Nissan Corporation
The Cherokee Group
Hawaiian Tropics Suntan Products
Westside Pavilion
Loran Cassettes, Inc.
KLVE/KTNQ Radio (TV Spots)
Condor Video, Inc.
Little Caesar’s Pizza
Del-Taco (Training Promos)
Auto Club of Southern California
Toto Kiki (Informational videos)
Ironstone Vineyards


General Mills Cereals
Hansen’s Natural Sodas
Satellite Technology Systems
RollerBall International, Inc.
Oriental Chef Salad Dressing
Kinetics Technology International, Inc.
Coco’s Restaurants
Dial Soap
KNBC Television
Elias Papassinos Distillers
Technicolor Corporation

Council of Sales Promotion Agencies Awards Show (Edinburgh, Scotland and Chicago)
The Sparsa Corporation (Promotion and high profile introduction of premium sake into the U.S.)

Production Experience:
In Scotland, England, Italy, Finland, Canada, Africa, Mexico, The Bahamas, Thailand, Sri Lanka and throughout the United States.

Travel Experience: