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With an ample mix of left brain and right brain, boundaries extending beyond the horizon and with pure focus, Mr. Reekie is a skilled creator of images and the spoken word. His quick adaptability enables him to understand the scope and depth of the projects at hand. His interpretation is accurate, timely and well conceived. This is a man you want on your team, whether working in Motion Picture Production and Scheduling, Television Packaging, Advertising, Product Brand Marketing or Website Design.

Your success is my priority Your success is my priority

I’m committed to helping you succeed, whether on the set, in pre-production, on the internet or in print.   I have a varied set of skills that combined make me rather unique. Take advantage and I’ll ensure you precise, professional results that will make you look like a hero.  Here’s what I offer:

Howard James Reekie Film Producer, Writer
  • Complete Attention
  • Years of experience
  • Razor edge techniques
  • Precise and creative work
  • I won’t leave you hanging afterwards
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Media Entertainment
Motion Picture and Television Budgeting, Scheduling, Pitch Packaging, and Screenplays

Advertising and Promotion
Business Proposals, Romance copy writing, Promotional Collateral design

Website Design & Data Technology
Full Website design (CMS, WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3) Responsive sites

Stretch the creative mind…….
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